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The first VR Role Playing Game. Fight your way to the top in this virtual world. Gather gold to be able to fight higher ranked bosses and buy better swords!

(Still in Development)

VR Insane Asylum

This mental hospital housed many patients. All of them claimed there was a presence there that made them insane, but nobody believed them. It is said that very presence still exists today, do you have what it takes to investigate?

(Still in Development)

VR Horror 'The Room'

Experience a virtual reality game that will leave you with goose bumps. In this virtual world you are faced with situations that will leave you speechless, and terrified. You are trapped in a room with no explanation of how you got there. Your only idea of how to escape is to follow the clues, however they seem to be a bit unhelpful. Are you able to escape? What is this creature haunting this room?

VR Blocks

Adventure around in a virtual world similar to the Minecraft play style. Craft your world however you want it. Currently, you are only able to break blocks and not place them, but it is under heavy development. For this application, a controller is required to be able to move, jump and remove blocks.

VR Bedroom Horror

She used to live in that very room, until she was taken away and murdered. However, her spirit lives on and seeks revenge.